Boskalis jaarverslagen 2011

Global Reporting Initiative index

This report is based on the GRI system. The table below lists the sections and page numbers of references to the general GRI indicators that we are reporting on.

GRI Index   Chapter   Page
Strategy and Analysis        
1.1   CEO's statement   CEO's statement   4-5
Organization profile        
2.1   Name of the organization   Who we are   9-10
2.2   Products and services   Who we are   9-10
2.3   Operational structure   Who we are   20
2.4   Location headquarters   Who we are   9-10
2.5   Operating countries   Who we are   9-10
2.6   Nature of ownership and legal form   Who we are   9-10, 20
2.7   Markets   Who we are   9, 16
2.8   Scale of reporting   Who we are   9-10, 13
2.9   Changes in organization   Who we are   9-10
2.1   Awards   Appendix-SHE-Q data   66
Reporting Parameters        
3.1   Reporting period   Appendix-About this report   58-59
3.2   Previous report   Appendix-About this report   58-59
3.3   Reporting cycle   Appendix-About this report   58-59
3.4   Contact point   Colophon   Inside cover
3.5   Process defining report content   Appendix-About this report   58-59
3.6   Boundary   Appendix-About this report   58-59
3.7   Limitations on scope or boundary   Appendix-About this report   58-59
3.8   Basis for reporting on joint ventures   Appendix-About this report   58-59
3.1   Re-statements   Appendix-About this report   58-59
3.11   Changes in reporting   Appendix-About this report   58-59
3.12   Standard disclosures   Appendix-About this report   58-59
Governance, Commitments and Engagement        
4.1   Governance structure   Who we are   20
4.2   Chair of the highest governance body   Who we are   20
4.3   Independency   Who we are   20-21
4.4   Mechanisms for shareholders and employees   Who we are   20-21
4.14   List of stakeholder groups   Who we are   15-16
4.15   Identification and selection of stakeholders   Who we are, Appendix-About this report   15-17, 58-59
Economic Performance Indicators        
EC 1   Direct economic value   Who we are, Our economic performance   13, 55
EC 3   Coverage of organization’s defined benefit plan obligations   Our social performance   33
EC 8   Investments in local infrastructure and services   Who we are, Our societal performance   40-43
Nature & Environmental Performance Indicators        
EN 3   Direct energy consumption by primary energy source   Our environmental performance   52
EN 4   Indirect energy consumption by energy source   Our environmental performance   52
EN 12   Significant impacts on biodiversity   Our environmental performance   46-51
EN 13   Habitats protected or restored   Our environmental performance   46-51
EN 14   Strategies, current actions and future plans for managing impacts onbiodiversity   Our environmental performance   46-51
EN 16   Greenhouse gas emissions   Our environmental performance   50-52
Social Performance Indicators        
LA 1   Workforce profile   Appendix-HR data   62-65
LA 2   Employee turnover   Appendix-HR data   62-65
LA 4   Percentage of employees covered by collective bargaining greements   Appendix-HR data   62-65
LA 7   Injuries, diseases and absenteeism   Appendix, SHE-Q data   67
LA 8   Education, prevention, risk-control programs regarding serious diseases   Our social and societal performance   33, 42
LA 10   Average hours of training per year per employee by employee category   Appendix-HR data   65
LA 11   Programs for skills management and lifelong learning   Our social performance   30-31
LA 12   Employees receiving regular performance and career development reviews   Our social performance   30-31
LA 13   Gender composition of governance bodies   Who we are   20
SO 1   Programs assessing the impacts of operations on communities, including entering, operating and exiting   Our societal performance   40-41
Product Responsibility Indicators        
PR 5   Results surveys measuring customer satisfaction   Who we are   16-17

Added to My report add to My report Source: CSR Report 2011, Appendix, page 61