Boskalis jaarverslagen 2011

About this report

Purpose of the report

In this Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report we provide details of the CSR policy we pursued in 2011 to all our stakeholders.

Reporting standard and selection process of performance indicators

Besides our Annual Report we have published a CSR Report since 2009. In our CSR Report we account for material and relevant non-financial aspects of our performance arising from our strategy and core activities. We have spoken with our main stakeholders to obtain a clear picture of their information requirement, which we have taken into account in selecting the performance indicators and compiling this report.
We report in accordance with the international guidelines set out in the Global Reporting Initiative (version G3-1). The GRI table shows which indicators we report on. Three GRI indicators were added to our reporting in 2011, bringing the total number of indicators to 20.

Reporting scope

In 2009 we started reporting on our 100% subsidiaries. In May 2010 we acquired Smit Internationale, but did not report fully on SMIT in our 2010 CSR Report. SMIT is fully included in this CSR Report.
In 2010 SMIT’s terminal activities were sold to Lamnalco (in which Boskalis held and will retain a 50% shareholding), but the deconsolidation of SMIT Terminals from 100% to 50% will only be reflected in the reporting over 2012. In this CSR Report the activities of our 50%-owned associate company Lamnalco are included on a pro rata basis.

The activities of Archirodon (Maritime Infrastructure), in which we hold a 40% stake, are not taken into consideration and are only included in our financial reporting. Archirodon falls outside the scope of the CSR Report owing to the size of the stake (minority shareholding) and the extent to which we are able to influence the company’s CSR policy. We intend to include the data for MNO Vervat, which was acquired in December 2011, in our 2012 CSR Report.

Reporting process and management system

The Board of Management is responsible for the preparation of our CSR Report, which is compiled by a multidisciplinary CSR team of representatives from across the organization.
In 2011 we made great strides forwards in optimizing the existing reporting/management system for the relevant non-financial information. The data is more complete and of higher quality, and therefore more reliable and secure.

CSR reporting within Boskalis has a layered structure, in accordance with the internal allocation of management responsibilities, with consolidation of non-financial performance taking place level by level, starting with the locations, moving on to the relevant business units and staff departments and ending with the consolidated group reporting. The consolidated group reports are discussed with the Board of Management.


The report meets the requirement of the GRI C level. Its design and quality have been tested by means of internal controls. The quantitative data was verified by our internal controlling department.

Added to My report add to My report Source: CSR Report 2011, Appendix, page 58