Boskalis jaarverslagen 2011

Our economic performance

Our economic policy

With our services and the infrastructure works we realize, we contribute to the economy and employment in a region and help to build a sustainable future. Our economic policy is aimed at the continuity and maintaining of our leading position in our industry whilst looking out for our stakeholders’ interests. Long-term profitability is a material condition for achieving our corporate goals and for the continued growth of our company. It is a measure of the company’s efficiency and of the ultimate value that clients attach to the services we have supplied. Without profit and without a robust financial base it would not be possible to meet our responsibilities.

Our policy towards our financial stakeholders, and in particular our shareholders, can be found in our Statement of General Business Principles.

Our economic objectives

We aim for structural growth of the company and a healthy return on equity.

Key figures and results for 2011

For information on the key figures and results for 2011 please refer to the Report of the Board of Management on pages 34-41 and our Ten-year overview on page 124 of our 2011 Annual Report.

Added to My report add to My report Source: CSR Report 2011, Our economic performance, page 55