Boskalis jaarverslagen 2011

Workforce profile

Employee base

At the end of 2011 the total number of people employed by Boskalis, including our share in associated companies, was 13,935 (2010: 13,832).

Contract type

Of our employees 70% have a permanent appointment. Temporary contracts enable us to respond to the constantly changing market developments. Particularly in countries where we are engaged in a lot of projects, such as Australia, the number of temporary contracts is relatively high (70% in 2011).


We employ a relatively large number of men and relatively few part-time staff. The ratios of men to women and of full-time to part-time staff at Boskalis reflect the nature of our work. We are to a large extent a project organization that sends out trained technical, financial and maritime staff for the duration of projects. Deployment to projects has proved to be a less attractive option for part-time staff and women, who are more inclined to choose a job which is office-based over one on a vessel or on a project. In addition, the number of women who complete a technical or maritime course each year remains small. The percentages of men and women in 2011 were 92% – 8% respectively, this is in line compared to 2010. The percentages of men and women in 2011 at Boskalis' headquarters were 74% – 26% respectively. In 2011 the percentage of part-time staff equalled 4% (4% in 2010).

Age profile

Boskalis has a balanced age profile. Three-quarters of our employees are under 50, with over half (56%) being in the
30-50 age category.

Job categories

The ratio of operational staff (fleet, yards and projects) to management and office support staff remained stable in 2011. The ratio was 78% – 22%. Proportionately the most managers and support staff work at head office in the Netherlands.

Staff turnover

We were able to welcome 1,886 new employees in 2011. 2.245 employees left Boskalis, 7 per cent due to retirement. In 2011 66% of the total outflow was due to project completion and the non-renewal of temporary contracts and 27% to voluntary redundancy.

A detailed overview of figures and percentages can be found in the HR tables.

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