Boskalis jaarverslagen 2011

Personal development

Boskalis offers its staff ample opportunities for personal development. We have good reasons for this. The range of infrastructure activities and maritime services offered by Boskalis continues to broaden, partly as a result of the integration with SMIT. In addition, our role is changing and increasingly we are becoming a partner to our clients and the companies we cooperate with. The skills and expertise of our staff must be in tune with this. Our extensive training programs, in which we lead our sector, help them to develop the right skills for further growth. Periodic career development and performance reviews are held with employees.

All our instruction and training courses are based on the ‘action learning’ principle: new knowledge is put straight into practice. But actual practice is also brought into the training process, with real-life cases from the work situation being used as training material. In addition we make as much use as possible of the knowledge present within our own organization: experts from our own organization contribute to training programs, for example by giving all or part of the training or through internal coaching of one of the participants. An increasingly important side effect of our training programs is expanding the internal network of the participants. We try to encourage this by structuring training programs in such a way that connecting with other disciplines is an integral part.

Staff training & development

The training programs and knowledge exchanges in 2011 revolved around the integration with SMIT and the joint development of skills. Many courses were attended by a mixed Boskalis/SMIT group of participants. We focused on a broadening and strengthening of management skills, contractual knowledge and commercial skills, partly through the new courses Tender coordination and Engineer Management (11 participants) but also through the existing International Contracting Management Course (24 participants) held by the TiasNimbas business school.
Our Boskalis Leadership Development Program (BLDP) was another example of successful integration in action in 2011. Twenty senior managers from Boskalis and SMIT took part in this course, whose agenda revolved around personal development, teambuilding and internal networking. By working together on assignments with a shared interest the participants were able to experience the similarities in their jobs and feel a greater connection. Also see pages the article BLDP: successful integration in action.

The recently launched Finance Development Course for project controllers and finance managers (14 participants) is another example of an integrated training program for employees of Boskalis and SMIT.

Knowledge exchange

In addition to training and development we consider mutual knowledge exchange to be an important path for development. Initiatives in 2011 included two knowledge exchange days organized for employees and project managers of Boskalis and SMIT Transport, Heavy Lift and Salvage. We want to do more of this in the coming years. The Salvage Seminar organized during the year for the fleet management departments of both organizations is another example of an initiative centered around knowledge exchange.
In addition our involvement in the Building with Nature program gives rise to an intensive exchange of knowledge in the area of engineering and design with other companies, various knowledge institutes and university partners. This allows our people participating in this program to broaden their knowledge and skills.

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