Boskalis jaarverslagen 2011

‘Meet the buyer’ sessions: dialog and cooperation in the chain

As part of our chain responsibility in 2011 we invited a selection of our most important suppliers to structurally expand the dialog on sustainability during a series of three sessions.

In three sessions, each with five different suppliers, we exchanged information about the way in which sustainability is incorporated in the business throughout the chain. The discussion groups were composed like a virtual chain: from suppliers of paint, fuels and lubricants to suppliers of (pneumatic and hydraulic) parts and engines for our ships. The aim was to bring parties into contact with each other at the table as well. One of the sessions was wholly dedicated to our internal support services. Our suppliers complimented us on this completely new approach and on the openness displayed during the sessions.

The nature of the sessions was transparent and challenging; on the one hand there was room to learn from one another and on the other critical discussions were held about the sustainability of our value chain. All the suppliers contributed to building us a picture of what the information requirement is with regard to sustainability. A number of themes were recurrent with various partners, such as what is needed for a transition towards the use of new fuels (LNG, biofuels). Cooperation in the chain would appear essential for this to succeed. We were also given practical tips and guidance on how we can do our work even more sustainably. Various sustainable initiatives were discussed: new technical solutions, alternative energy sources and better sustainable cooperation. This has made us more critical - towards ourselves but also towards our suppliers.

There will be a follow-up to these dialogs. For example, in 2012 we plan to hold one-on-one talks with our suppliers aimed at further implementing and anchoring our CSR developments. By continuing to get together, challenge one another and be critical we believe we can together make the chain even more sustainable.

Session 1

Allard Europe – General Manager
PON (Caterpillar) – Sales Manager Dredging and KAM manager
Exxon Mobil – Benelux Public Affairs Manager, Marine Cluster Manager Central Europe and Territory Manager Benelux
Bosch Rexroth – Cluster Manager Marine & Offshore and Head of Coordination Environment, Health & Safety
PPG Sigma Coatings – Global Specialist Regulatory Affairs PMC

Session 2

Wärtsilä – Senior Account Manager and Area Project & Environmental Sales Support Manager
Shell – Sales Team Leader Benelux Lubricants, Account Manager and Manager Environmental Affairs Netherlands
GEA Westfalia Separatoren – Managing Director and Senior Sales Engineer Services
International Paint – Sales Manager Benelux and General Manager Marine Coatings
Trelleborg – Business Development Director

Session 3

HENK Grafimedia – Director and Sales Director
KPN – Client Manager and CSR Manager
Eriks Econosto Wielens – Director and Senior Business Development & CSR Manager
ES Elektro – Branch Manager and Regional Director
KLM – Key Account Manager and Manager Environmental Strategy
CWS – Contract Manager and Market Development Manager Benelux

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