Boskalis jaarverslagen 2011

Our stakeholders

It is important to Boskalis to have a good, transparent relationship with its stakeholders.

Our stakeholders are:

  • Employees
  • Clients
  • Investors and shareholders
  • Suppliers and subcontractors
  • Educational and knowledge institutes
  • Local communities
  • Society and industry organizations, including NGOs


The dialog we engage in with our stakeholders is formal and structured for some stakeholders and more informal for others. These meetings give us a clear picture of the interests and information requirement of our stakeholders.
The purpose of our dialog is to establish mutual awareness and understanding. In addition we want to find out how we can arrive at sustainable innovations within our chain.

In order to provide more structure to the internal dialog with our employees about sustainability, in 2011 we organized an initial meeting for them on the subject. The NGO Stichting de Noordzee (the North Sea foundation) held a presentation on the importance of reducing emissions, which was followed by a lively discussion. The meeting attracted a great deal of interest.
In addition to communicating with our employees through staff magazines and safety publications and consulting with them through the works councils, we also maintain close contacts with our clients and suppliers (also see the article which explains about the ‘Meet the Buyer’ sessions). We hold regular consultations with our shareholders and investors (see the Investor Relations section on pages 18-19 of our Annual Report).
We also take part in regular consultations with the relevant Society and industry organizations, such as the European Dredging Association (EUDA), the International Association of Dredging Companies (IADC) and the International Maritime Organisation (IMO).
Boskalis has a long tradition of sharing knowledge, both individually and at a sector level, with knowledge institutes and universities and conducting (fundamental) research. We also consult with NGOs, for example in 2011 with the aforementioned Stichting de Noordzee and with the Family Care Association in Nigeria. We work with the latter organization to support a malaria prevention program in Nigeria and in doing so make a contribution to the local community. You can read more about this in the articles Malaria prevention project with NGO Family Care and SMIT Amandla Marine’s SED program.

Added to My report add to My report Source: CSR Report 2011, Who we are, page 14