Boskalis jaarverslagen 2011

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Provisions in the articles of association relating to profit appropriation

Article 28.

  1.  From the profits realized in any financial year, first of all, distributions will be made on cumulative protective preference shares if possible, in the amount of the percentage specified below of the amount that has to be paid up on these shares as from the beginning of the financial year to which the distribution is related. The percentage referred to above equals the average Euribor interest rate determined for loans with a term of one year – weighted in respect of the number of days to which this interest rate applied – during the financial year to which the distribution is related, increased by four percentage points at most; this increase will be determined every five years by the Board of Management subject to the approval of the Supervisory Board. If in the financial year in respect of which the above-mentioned distribution takes place, the amount that has to be paid up on cumulative protective preference shares has been reduced or, pursuant to a resolution for further payment, has been increased, the distribution shall be reduced or, if possible, be increased by an amount equal to the above-mentioned percentage of the amount of the reduction or the increase, as the case may be, calculated from the moment of the reduction or from the moment further payment became compulsory. If in the course of any financial year cumulative protective preference shares have been issued, the dividend on those cumulative protective preference shares shall be reduced for that year in proportion to the day of issue, taking into account a part of a month as a full month.
  2. If and in so far as the profit is not enough to realize the distribution referred to in paragraph 1, the deficit shall be distributed from the reserves, subject to statutory provisions.
  3. If in any financial year the profit referred to in paragraph 1 is not enough to realize the distributions referred to above in this article, and furthermore no distribution or only a partial distribution from the reserves as referred to in paragraph 2 is realized, so that the deficit is not or not completely distributed, the provisions of this article and the provisions of the following paragraphs shall only apply in the following financial years after the deficit has been made up for. After application of paragraphs 1, 2 and 3, no further distribution shall take place on the cumulative protective preference shares.
  4. Out of the remaining profit, an amount shall be reserved annually to the extent as shall be determined by the Board of Management under approval of the Supervisory Board. The remaining part of the profits after reservation, as referred to in the immediately preceding sentence, is at the free disposal of the General Meeting of Shareholders and in case of distribution, the holders of ordinary shares will be entitled thereto in proportion to their holding of ordinary shares.

Article 29.

  1. Dividends shall be made available for payment within thirty days of their declaration, or any sooner as the Board of Management may determine.
  2. Unclaimed dividends will revert to the company after five years.
  3. If the Board of Management so decides, subject to the approval of the Supervisory Board, an interim dividend shall be distributed, subject to the preference of the cumulative protective preference shares and the provisions of Article 2:105 of the Dutch Civil Code.
  4. The General Meeting of Shareholders may decide, on the proposal of the Board of Management, that dividends will be distributed fully or partially in the form of shares in the company or depositary certificates thereof.
  5. The company may only realize distributions to the shareholder to the extent that its equity capital exceeds the amount of the subscribed capital, increased by the reserves that have to be maintained by law or by the articles of association.
  6. A deficit may only be offset against reserves that have to be maintained by law to the extent that this is permitted by the law.

Proposed profit appropriation 2011

An amount of EUR 126.0 million will be added to the retained earnings. The proposal to the Annual General Meeting will be to appropriate the remainder, EUR 128.3 million, for a dividend payment of EUR 1.24 per share.

The dividend will be made payable in ordinary shares to be charged to the tax-exempt share premium or to be charged to the retained earnings, unless a shareholder expressly requests payment in cash.

Added to My report add to My report Source: Annual report 2011, Financial statements, page 119