Boskalis jaarverslagen 2011

Personnel and organization


The integration of the Boskalis and SMIT organizations and activities is proceeding well. Originally we gave ourselves three years in which to establish a smooth-running organization, but in some areas we are significantly ahead of schedule.

Commercial organization

The commercial organization was quick to identify opportunities for synergy and to take advantage of them. In the business the two organizations are moving closer together and we are acting in concert in the market. We aim to create cohesion by establishing an efficient organizational structure and combining activities in a logical way so as to benefit our commercial activities. Combining of our offshore activities from the Boskalis side with SMIT’s oil and gas sector-related activities is a good example. The sale of SMIT Terminals to Lamnalco is also consistent with our aim to make effective use of commercial opportunities. Straight after the shareholders’ decision in July 2011, an enthusiastic start was made on the preparations for the integration of the two companies. The integration will be completed by the end of 2012. In various important Boskalis and SMIT markets the respective organizations moved into shared offices in 2011. This was the case in Singapore, Australia, Panama and Brazil.

Corporate staff departments

At the end of 2011, preparations were started to realize a Transfer of Undertaking for the office and shore staff of SMIT Nederland BV. This concerned 288 employees who joined the Boskalis workforce with effect from 1 January 2012. On 1 January 2012 they also became members of the Boskalis pension fund. 
All corporate staff departments have now been brought under joint control. In the interests of clear preparation and execution of large-scale projects, we have established an integrated organization structure for project management. This mainly concerns risk management, contract management and planning. From mid-2012 the joint commercial and corporate staff departments will be based at a single location in Papendrecht, the Netherlands. Where possible, we are seeking to combine HR contracts, such as the company car scheme, insurance policies for employees abroad and health & safety services in the Netherlands. In addition to improved service to staff and the obvious efficiency gains, this will also realize considerable cost savings.


Integration and development of joint competencies was a key focus of the training programs and knowledge exchanges in 2011. In the training programs we focused mainly on the further broadening and strengthening of management skills, contractual knowledge and commercial skills, for example through the new courses Tender Coordination and Engineering Management and through the existing International Contracting Management Course run by the TiasNimbas business school in the Netherlands.

The Boskalis Leadership Development Program is a successful example of integration in action. Twenty senior managers, ambassadors of the integration of Boskalis and SMIT, started this intensive course in 2010 and completed it in 2011. The course revolved around personal development, teambuilding and building an internal network. Through this cross-pollination and by working together on real-life cases they were able to experience that there are many similarities in the way our companies think and operate.

In addition to training and instruction, we consider mutual knowledge exchange to be an important path for development. We encourage the building of internal networks. Initiatives in 2011 included two knowledge exchange days organized for employees and project managers in Transport, Heavy Lift and Salvage.


The combination of activities has made us a more attractive employer. By using our two strong brands to successfully focus on our joint target group of maritime professionals we can achieve further synergies in the job market. At end-2011, the total number of people employed by the group was 13,935.

Works Council

The Works Councils of Boskalis (1) and SMIT (4) held elections at the end of 2011 aimed at establishing a joint works council. 
An employee representation body has been formed which is a good representation of all the group companies. Our CSR report provides a detailed account of our social performance.

Added to My report add to My report Source: Annual review 2011, Report of the Board of Management, page 45