Boskalis jaarverslagen 2011


  • Strengthen regional position
  • Expand regional position
  • Add global activities
Strengthen regional position using existing activities

We want to strengthen our position in the six geographic focus areas. By leveraging our market presence and strong client relationships we will be able to offer a wider range of activities. For example in Australia, where we are building large-scale maritime infrastructures, we also see opportunities to offer terminal services and subsea diving services. We also see good opportunities for developing a broader range of activities in South America. In West Africa, where we have successfully been providing dredging and terminal services for many decades, we see opportunities for growth in Transport & Heavy Lift.

Result in 2011

Over the past few years Boskalis has successfully completed several maritime infrastructure projects in Brazil. Boskalis also has a strong local presence as a provider of towage services in ports and for terminals. These services are provided in six Brazilian ports through our subsidiary SMIT Rebras. Boskalis is expanding its market position in Brazil with the contract to construct a new port in the country’s biggest industrial port complex, Superporto do Açu. The work will include the dredging of an access and inner channel, turning basin and harbor basin as well as land reclamation work. Boskalis will also construct the revetments at the entrance of the harbour.

Expand regional position with new activities

In our focus regions we also see demand arising for new activities to which we can apply our combined expertise. This demand is mainly fuelled by the developments in the energy market, with examples being the construction of offshore wind parks, the integration of the European gas and electricity markets and the removal of old oil platforms in the North Sea. We are increasingly involved in the laying of cabling infrastructures and the dismantling of oil platforms on a turnkey basis. In addition, the growing demand for raw materials also presents an opportunity to develop new activities, such as mineral extraction.

We position ourselves as a provider of all-round solutions for maritime infrastructures, including the realization of maritime civil constructions. We have already been successfully providing these activities in the Middle East for many years, through Archirodon. We also want to offer this expertise in other parts of the world, partly through our newly acquired MNO Vervat. Given their complementarity with the dredging and earthmoving activities we see opportunities for expanding these activities in North-West Europe and eventually also providing them internationally.

Result in 2011

In 2011 we contracted various projects which enabled us to strengthen our regional position with new activities.

Offshore cable-laying: we won a number of cable-laying contracts, including the laying of two power cables in Indonesia, a fiber-optic cable through the Strait of Magellan in Argentina and an export cable in the Baltic Sea.

Onshore and offshore mining: in Suriname we are executing an integrated mining project for the excavation of bauxite. In New Zealand we have developed a concept for the deep-sea mining of phosphates.

Decommissioning of oil and gas platforms: Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij commissioned us to decommission a gas platform in the North Sea. Wintershall has awarded us a contract for the decommissioning of two gas platforms in 2012.

Civil infrastructures: the acquisition of MNO Vervat has enabled us to strengthen our civil infrastructure competencies and activities at a national and international level.

Add global activities

Boskalis wants to strengthen its leading position in existing activities at a regional 
and global level though organic growth and/or acquisitions. We are also open to acquisitions which allow us to add promising activities to our portfolio. However, we will do this only provided they are a good fit with the existing activities in a number of key aspects and add value in the top segment of the market.

Result in 2011

Towage services in Central and South America: Boskalis and Sudamericana Agencias Aereas y Maritimas S.A. (SAAM) are exploring the possibilities and opportunities for a joint towage operation in North and South America. The combination of SMIT and SAAM would create a leading provider of towage services in Central and South America. The combined towage operations would serve 45 ports in nine countries with a fleet of more than 150 vessels. Besides producing operational synergies, the joint operation would also significantly strengthen the market position of the combined entity.

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