Boskalis jaarverslagen 2011


  • On Value-Adding Assets
  • On market segments
  • On geographic regions

Value-Adding Assets

Boskalis focuses on Value-Adding Assets through a combination of activities and equipment which enables us both to operate cost-effectively at the lower end of the market and to be successful in the complex turnkey/multidisciplinary integrated projects at the top end of the market.

Market segments

The markets which we target with our core activities are chosen based on the analysis of where our opportunities for growth and expansion are greatest. In each of these markets we provide our products and services both in combination and separately.


The oil and gas market, featuring for example growing demand for liquefied natural gas and large-scale remote infrastructure developments, is very important in terms of both size and growth potential. Boskalis designs and builds new ports for this market. We create new land, realize oil and gas pipeline infrastructures and handle their maintenance. We also provide terminal services to the oil and gas industry. In addition to this traditional segment the energy market comprises the strongly growing sustainable energy segment, where the emphasis for Boskalis lies on the foundations, construction and cabling of offshore wind parks. 
We also see growth potential in the use of (traditional) dredging solutions for the mining of minerals.


For the design and construct of new ports and the expansion and maintenance of existing ports we call into play our main activity, Dredging & Earthmoving, with civil engineering work also playing a major role. At the operating stage we provide our port clients with harbour towage services.


This activity comprises the construction of civil infrastructures and the defense and creation of new land. This market segment covers both wet and dry activities: Land Reclamation & Coastal Defense, the realization of maritime infrastructures through our partnership with Archirodon and dry earthmoving in the Dutch market, traditionally through our Dutch subsidiary and recently reinforced with MNO Vervat.

Geographic regions

Within the three market segments we target our activities at a number of geographic regions. The choice for these regions is based on our market analysis, which shows where the main developments are taking place in the coming period and where the best opportunities lie for our combined activities.

Based on these findings we concentrate our activities on the following six geographic regions:

  1. Northwest Europe
  2. South and West Africa
  3. Central and South America
  4. Middle East
  5. Southeast Asia
  6. Australia

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