Boskalis jaarverslagen 2011


Dredging & Earthmoving

All manner of activities relating to wet and dry earthmoving traditionally belong to Boskalis’ core business and include port construction and maintenance, land reclamation and coastal defense and riverbank protection. We also provide specialist offshore services to our clients in the energy sector, including cable-laying, pipeline protection and the construction of (sections of) wind parks. Boskalis is also active in the extraction of raw materials using dredging techniques. This is already applied onshore, but Boskalis is also looking at options for offshore mining of minerals. We are also active in dry infrastructure with activities including the design, construction and maintenance of roads and railroads, sewer systems, bridges, dams and tunnels and the execution of soil improvement and land remediation work. Our global spread, high professional standards, versatile state-of-the-art fleet and conscious focus on cost efficiency make us a world leader in dredging & earthmoving. We are reknowned for our innovative approach and specialist knowledge of environmentally friendly dredging techniques. Our great expertise, multidisciplinary approach and extensive experience with engineering and project management enables us to realize complex projects on time and within budget, even at difficult locations.

Harbour Towage

We provide assistance to incoming and outgoing seagoing vessels – including ro-ro ships, oil and chemical tankers, container ships, reefers and mixed cargo ships – in the world’s biggest ports. 
With a versatile fleet of over 200 tugs, SMIT has built up an excellent reputation in this area. SMIT operates tug services in countries including the Netherlands, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Canada, Brazil, Panama, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, 
China and Taiwan.

Salvage, Transport & Heavy Lift

The specialist activities we offer through SMIT include the transport of heavy loads and heavy lifting work using floating cranes, the salvage of ships and wreck clearance. They also comprise the decommisioning of offshore oil and gas platforms, maritime civil engineering projects, and the construction of basic infrastructure for offshore wind parks. Through its Subsea division SMIT also provides services including inspection, repair and maintenance activities on behalf of the oil and gas industry.
SMIT is able to provide assistance to ships in distress anywhere in the world and at any time. It does this by operating out of four locations which are strategically situated in relation to the main international shipping routes: Houston, Cape Town, Rotterdam and Singapore. SMIT has the advanced technology and expertise needed to remove hazardous substances such as bunker fuel from wrecks and has a successful track record in salvaging ships.

Terminal Services

Through Smit Lamnalco, in which we hold a 50% stake, we offer a full range of services for the operation and management of onshore and offshore terminals. Providing support for the berthing and unberthing of oil and LNG tankers is the core activity in this segment. Additional support services include pilotage, subsea inspection and maintenance, coupling and uncoupling of terminal connections, firefighting, escort services, transportation of crews and goods and operating bunker vessels. We also assist with the operational marine management of terminals. The instruction and training of local staff often forms an integral component of these activities.

Maritime Civil Infrastructure

Archirodon, in which we hold a 40% stake, is our strategic partner in the field of maritime civil infrastructure. As a maritime contractor Archirodon has extensive experience in designing and constructing quay walls, jetties, breakwaters and oil and LNG terminals. In addition, the company is an all-rounder in the civil infrastructure and industrial installations markets, building for example water purification plants, sewer systems, dams, bridges, power stations, desalination plants and pumping stations, particularly in the Middle East and North Africa.

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